The Spa

For the first five years we focused on the hair side of our services, but we are a Salon AND SPA... So we started by finding  the best products we could.  Well we couldn't find a spa line that suited our clients, so we went and made one.  That is just the start of spa and esthetical services designed just for you. We have added the tax to the prices you see, so there are no surprises at check out.
Facials featuring or own product line.
Anti-Aging Facial                                            87.00 
The most advanced facial in our salon.  What can only be described as a facial system, this service is designed to reverse the signs of aging and prevent further damage.
Hydrating Facial                                              77.00
For skin types lacking in moisture, this deeply hydrating facial reaches deep into the layers of the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.
Basic Facial                                                    70.00
This facial is anything but basic... Designed for the guest that hasn't experienced a facial before or in awhile. A full facial including cleansing, expoliation, massage, extractions and moisturizer
Clarifying Facial                                              85.00
Suffering from acne or oily skin? This service focuses on cleansing the pores and balancing oil production. Using one of our Pin Ups Product masks, this service will start you off in the right direction.
Back Facial                                                     60.00
A treatment designed for those that suffer from break outs on their back.  All the same products and details of a facial but designed for your back.
Dermaplaning Facial                                        92.00
This service is only available after consultation and cannot be booked on line. Due to the intrusiveness and technical nature of the services please contact the spa to book your consultation.
Just the 'wax' Ma'am, just the 'wax'!
Eye Brow Wax                                                 12.00
Lip Wax                                                           8.00
Full Face                                                        32.00
Under Arm                                                      17.00
Half Arm                                                        20.00
Full Arm                                                         30.00
Half Leg                                                         35.00
Full Leg                                                          65.00
Full Leg w Brazilian                                          90.00
Full Leg w Bikini                                              80.00
Brazilian                                                         50.00
Bikini                                                             30.00
Back/Chest                                                     50.00
Micro Blading /PMU
All Micro/PMU services include an aftercare kit and one perfecting visit 
Micro Blade                                                  450.00
This is a semi permanent brow service. Strokes are manually made within the agreed upon shape. to fill in ends that have faded over time or to make a thin brow into a bold statement. Designed to last between 1-2 years your price includes a 6 week perfecting visit and aftercare kit.
Full Brow Ombre                                           450.00
Needing the permanence of a tattoo but the softness of a pencil in your brows.  Then the ombre is the services for your brow needs.
Lip Liner                                                       750.00
Used to enhance a thinner lip that has lost volume. We choose a shade a few tones darker than your natural lip colour, so even without lipstick your lips look perfectly defined.  Price includes a 6 week perfecting visit and aftercare kit.
Upper Eye Liner                                             300.00
We can give you a subtle soft line to enhance any eye shape or a full bold line. Price includes a 6 week perfecting visit and aftercare kit.  As this is a tattoo, the services will last indefinitely.
Lower Eye Liner                                             250.00
Same as the upper liner, just on the lower lid.
Colour Refresh                                              150.00
Colour refresh applies to brows that do not need any reshaping or colour corrections. This is a one time colour application that refreshes previously bladed brows.
Fingers and Toes
Forty things we share......
Natural Manicure                                             26.00
Kid's Manicure                                                18.00
Shellac Manicure                                            37.00
Men's Manicure                                              19.00
Natural Pedicure                                             32.00
Kid's Pedicure                                                23.00
Shellac Pedicure                                             42.00
Men's Pedicure                                               25.00
Taking care of both...
Natural Mani+Pedi                                         52.00
Kid's Mani+Pedi                                            35.00
Men's Mani+Pedi                                           38.00
Shellac Mani+Pedi                                         72.00
Make - Up..... Yah!!!
General Application                                         50.00
Got that special event, date night or you just want some help and guidance with your make-up? This is the service for you... PS Pompadours... This one makes a great gift!
Bridal Application                                           80.00
Goin' to the chapel and your gonna get married.... Ok maybe we shouldn't sing.  But on that special day you are going to be singing our praises after you let us take care of you.
Spray Tanning
Full Body                                                       40.00
Tired of looking pasty, got tan lines that don't match up with that new dress?  We can help.  Make sure you give us a call before you book, there are a couple of things we need you to do before your appointment, to achieve the best results possible.
UV/Acrylic or Putty Nails
New Set                                                          45.00
Fills                                                               30.00
At Pin Ups there is no difference between U/V or acrylic nails... They both actually cost us the same.  So just because one is more popular this week doesn't mean we get to charge more.  This services is for those who have no nails or have lost more then 5 nails.
Same as our new sets, no difference between UV or acrylic.  We recommend booking this service on no less then three week intervals.  This keeps your nails looking fresh and in the best repair. 
New Set - Putty Nails by Artistic     65.00
Finally something new in the name game. Putty Nails are a hybrid nail created by a company called Artistic. These nails are specifically designed to take a beating!!! Active life styles and those really hard on their nails will benefit the most.
Putty Fill                                         50.00
You have stepped up your nail game, now lets keep them in tip top shape... Cause lets not forget your real nails are still gonna grow.
Nail Art                                            Starting @2.00
Jewels, glitter, pictures and patterns... Lets us add that one of a kind look yo your nails! Again no worries, we will tell you the cost before we start.

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