Pin Ups and Pompadours Inc has always been focused on giving you the look you want.  With today's products, tools and services available we felt the need to have a renewed focus on hair health.  So the search began. Below are some of the best treatments at prices you can actually afford.   We have added the tax to the prices you see, so there are no surprises at check out.
Treatments for the hair health you need.
Deep Treatment                                                                                                       15.00 
This treatment begins with assessing your hair and its needs.  Then, utilizing the treatment products from EVO, we apply and commence a heat process to drive the treatment into your hair. These treatments are best for mildly to moderately damaged hair.
Keune Treatment                                                                                                     25.00 
Utilizing one of four specific treatments, your stylist assesses your hair and begins the process.  This one takes a little longer and is much more intense.  We recommend it for guests with damaged to severely damaged hair. 
Keune 'Bond Fusion' Treatment                                                                                 15.00 
How many years have you bleached and coloured your hair... Yah, that long huh... Bond Fusion is a treatment that starts with your colour or wash process and continues after you leave the salon.  This process achieves the greatest results if combined with Bond Fusion Step 3. (Available as a take home shampoo for 55.00)
CHI Straightening System                                                                                        300.00
Although not really a treatment, we have obtained amazing results with this system.  Utilized for hair straightening, curl smoothing and frizz busting that slowly fades out over time. This system gives you the look and feel of some treatments totaling well over 500.00.  This system is a commitment and requires the use of specific shampoos and conditioners... But because we believe in this system so much... Your first bottle of each is included.

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