Colour, colour, colour...

At Pin Ups and Pompadours colour has always been our 'Thing'. We use the Keune colour line and Pulp Riot for those fun times! We have added the tax to the prices you see, so there are no surprises at check out.
Nothing but the best for our guests... Featuring Keune Colour and Pulp Riot
Full Highlights                                                165.00
This is it, all over highlights for the look you are after.
Partial Highlights                                            125.00
What is a Partial Highlight??? We focus our application to the hair that is at and above your ears.
Bombshell  Blonde root touch up                     105.00
Blondes do have more fun, but they also need extra attention when it comes to root touch ups.
Full Colour                                                    105.00
Change up or refresh your all over colour. This is also the service to deal with regrowth longer then one inch.
Foil Bundles (10)                                             50.00
One of our more popular services.  We have added an extra five foils to this services to better suit your needs. This one is for light hair to dark.
Toners                                                           27.00
Sometimes to balance or freshen up a colour  between services, but if we have to add one to your colour service we will tell you first.
Full Highlights with roots                                         220.00
All over highlights and we take care of the pesky roots.
Partial Highlights with roots                                      165.00
Ears and up, as well as those roots !!!
Roots/Regrowth touch up                                           85.00
We prefer regrowth touch up but you get the idea.  This service deals with regrowth of no more then one inch
Colour Corrections                                           from 140.00
Light to dark is easy... Dark to light... Not so much.  This services is also used when you have had issues with at home or other Salons colour.
Foil Bundles - Prelightened                                        75.00
One of our more popular services.  We have added an extra five foils to this services to better suit your needs. This one is for dark hair to light or if you want a Pulp Riot Fashion colour.
Ombre/Sombre/Balayage                                  from 170.00
These are big words for specialty colour services.  Because of the work involved in these techniques we need you to have a consultation first.  Then we can give you the right service and the right price.
Add a cut to a colour service                          27.00
Its already been washed and conditioned, how could we possibly charge you the price of a regular cut. 
Hot tool finishing                                                       18.00
Pin straight hair, head full of curls? Add this extra finishing step to ramp up your cut or colour.
Unfortunately clients with long or unusually thick hair will incur additional charges for colour. Don't worry we will discuss this during your consultation. Clients that do have additional colour charges are usually between 12.00 to 19.00.

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